Survey Results

Thanks to all who participated in the Engaged Parents of Coppell Spring 2014 Survey.  Although no survey can be completely comprehensive, a significant number of voices, with varying opinions and experiences, have been expressed.  As our school board members and district administrators reflect on a school year filled with significant change, it is our hope that the input garnered from this community survey would serve both as an important piece in evaluating these changes as well as a guide as they prepare to hire a new Superintendent.

We encourage every CISD Stakeholder to invest the time necessary to review these results and understand the issues impacting the students, parents, teachers and administrators in our district. EPOC has posted a thread on the EPOC Facebook page and we encourage you to provide your comments concerning the survey results. In addition, if you feel strongly about a particular issue please write to the Board of Trustees directly (email addresses below).

Thanks again for your participation!

Presentation of Results:

Please note:   Each presentation of the survey results includes charts displaying the findings with corresponding data fields below each chart. The full text of each question truncates on the chart, but is available in the chart’s data field (questions are also listed below).  The first two charts have distributions exceeding 100%, which result from some responders having multiple roles or children in different schools.   The blank spaces in some of the charts, as well as the zeros in some of the data fields are artifacts remaining from questions deleted or moved prior to the survey going live. We are working with SurveyMonkey’s Tech Support to have them removed, but so far they have no solution. Anonymous comments are accessible through the Comments link at the footer of each data field (3 links in all). If you experience difficulty or have questions please send us an email.

Care was taken to edit out specific names and offensive language in the comments (a process that effected the date stamp and  moved the edited comments to first in the list).  If you happen to discover any that were overlooked, please make note of the specific name / comment, along with the date, time and comment section then forward the information to us by email.  Thank you.

All / Complete Results

Parents and Community Members

Elementary School Responders
Middle School Responders
CHS Responders
New Tech Responders

 Survey Questions:

Response Options: (Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly Agree)


    1. I have received adequate communication to understand the educational transformation underway in CISD.
    2. The school district actively listens to my questions and concerns.
    3. I feel knowledgeable about what my child is learning in core classes.
    4. I have been given adequate choice by CISD in guiding my child’s education.
    5. I support the use of Twitter as a valuable educational tool.


    1. CISD has protected students from undesirable content on the school-issued mobile devices (iPads).
    2. I am satisfied with the increased use of mobile devices in the classroom.
    3. My child has sufficient Wi-Fi access to support the work my child is required to complete during the school day.
    4. The use of mobile devices in the classroom does not present an issue of distraction for my child.
    5. For teachers only: I have the freedom to decide how much technology should or should not be incorporated into my class lesson plans.


    1. Teachers are adequately equipped to implement the elements of the CISD Transformation.
    2. I support the various transformation elements that CISD has implemented K-12: Project Based Learning; Learner led instruction; Inquiry Based learning; Global learning; Common Core State Standards Initiative for Mathematics.
    3. I support the reduction/elimination of traditional teaching methods that include direct instruction, lectures, and printed textbooks.
    4. The CG3 initiative at CHS has been primarily positive for my child and my family.
    5. I believe there should be a distinct difference in teaching style between CHS and New Tech in order to offer choice between inquiry based learning and traditional learning.
    6. I have utilized tutors in order to remediate comprehension deficiencies with my child(ren).
    7. I am considering other educational options for my child.


Contact Information for CISD Board:

Anthony Hill; Susie Kemp; David Apple; Thom Hulme>; Amy Dungan; Judy Barbo; Tracy Fisher



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