CISD Transformation? What Transformation?

Many citizens and parents are unaware of the changes occurring at CISD.  This post provides only a brief introduction to the CISD Transformation.  Please investigate the linked documents and video presentations to better familiarize yourself with the changes occurring in our district. Continue reading

Dr. Jeff Turner taking new role as TAS/MUS executive director

Link to Original Article – Coppell Gazette

Dr. Jeff Turner, who recently announced that he will retire on Aug. 31 after 12 years as superintendent of the Coppell Independent School District, has been named executive director of the Texas Association of Suburban/Mid-Urban Schools (TAS/MUS), an organization of mostly suburban schools located near the major urban areas of Texas. Continue reading

Dr. Jeff Turner retiring as Superintendent of Coppell Independent School District

Link To Original Article – Coppell Gazette

Dr. Jeff Turner, superintendent of the Coppell Independent School District for the past 12 years, has announced that he will retire, effective Aug. 31.

Tamerah Ringo, CISD director of communications and public relations, said Turner recently made the announcement at a meeting of the CISD staff. Continue reading

Coppell ISD Student Perspectives on Technology Mixed

As we evaluate the role of technology in the classroom, it is good to hear from the students who are using it.  These articles are located on the Coppell Student Media website.

Most recently, student Gabby Sahm wrote “Apps helping students reach new heights” which recommends Nearpod, Evernote and Twitter as useful for the classroom.

Student Kara Hallam discussed the difficulties of the school wide iPad rollout.  Her article, “Hallam: new iPads overwhelm campus,” highlighted the issues of distraction, technical difficulties, and social impact of  the iPad rollout.   For instance, she discusses that lunch is no longer time to socialize: “Now, we actually do spend our lunches consumed by school work on our iPads.”  She also brings up the question of the trade-off of the investment versus other ways the money could be spent on the students’ education.

Student George Fairchild provides a different point of view in his article, “iPad initiative will boost student learning despite criticism.”  I am encouraged that Fairchild states he feels the iPads have improved his learning.  He also presents some study data that students learn faster with technology based instruction, perform better on tests, and reduce costs by eliminating the need for books, toner and paper.  Although it is possible to find references to his data, there is no specific information beyond what is listed in his article.  It would be important to know what specific kinds of technology based learning were included in the studies (blended learning? PBL?)  It would also be very interesting to know what money the school district has saved through the iPad initiative.

A final interesting perspective comes from Julianne Cauley, senior from CHS class of 2013.  Cauley’s high school experience spanned the implementation of large changes in the use of technology in the district.  Entitled “Technology takes over traditional teaching too much”, it can be read here.

Parent Advisory Group on Technology

Coppell ISD has instituted a Parent Advisory Group on Technology.

This is an opportunity for parents and community members to offer feedback regarding the use of technology in our schools.  As we work together to help our children receive the best education possible, as well as prepare them for the future, we want to collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders in helping us to achieve these goals.  CISD staff members will be included in this process to answer any questions as well as feedback and other information needed for the group.

The parent members of this committee would like your feedback and input for our meetings.  Meeting times and topics will be posted on this site.  Please add your comments and questions so the committee members will be informed.

Introverts in the classroom

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  What about your children?  Introversion is not only misunderstood, it is often under appreciated.  The introverted person is not necessarily shy (as it is often assumed), but thoughtful, hard working, innovative and often gifted.  They are often quiet because their energy comes from within, where they enjoy exploring their thoughts and feelings.

Open offices, classrooms organized at tables instead of neat rows of desks, focus on projects and presentations, and many other trends at school and in the workplace are challenges for the introverted.   Distractions can overwhelm an introvert.  In her book ‘Quiet’, author Susan Cain discusses these challenges, as well as the related (and generally unnoticed) capabilities of the introvert.  Here is an interview with Susan Cain where she discusses introverts in the classroom with the NEA.

For those of you who want more, Susan Cain also has a Ted Talk on the Power of Introverts.