CISD Parents – Assessment of the Transformation

The Engaged Parents of Coppell (EPOC) survey closed on May 2 and the results are now available on the website.

The survey asked for responses to 17 statements falling into the 3 categories: Communication, Technology and Transformation.

Some of the more notable responses include:

  • 52% believe they had not received adequate communication about the transformation from the district.
  • 57% believe the district has not adequately protected their children from undesirable content on district issued mobile devices.
  • 60% believe that the district’s current utilization plan for mobile devices is a source of distraction to their children.
  • 55% are dissatisfied with the current utilization of mobile devices in the classroom.
  • 53% do not support the teaching methodologies being utilized in the transformation including Project Based Learning and Inquiry Based Learning
  • 71% do not support the reduction / elimination of traditional teaching methods which are being replaced with the methodologies utilized in the transformation.
  • 64% believe there should be a distinct difference in teaching methodologies utilized at New Tech and CHS in order to provide students with a choice between inquiry-based and traditional teaching styles.
  • 49% have utilized tutors to remediate comprehension deficiencies with their children.
  • 43% are considering other educational options for their children.

A complete list of survey questions, along with various presentation formats, is available at the link above.  Additionally, responders were given an opportunity to make anonymous comments in each section of the survey.  These comments can be reviewed by clicking on the “comments” link within the statistics area of each section and provide additional information as to how individuals have been effected by the transformation.

EPOC made these results available to the CISD Board of Trustees on May 7.  The results reflect a significant number of voices with varying opinions and experiences.  As our school board members and district administrators reflect on a school year filled with significant change, it is our hope that the input garnered from this community survey would serve both as an important resource in evaluating these changes as well as a guide as they prepare to hire a new superintendent.

The parents and citizens involved with EPOC will continue to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the CISD Board in order to provide them with current and relevant feedback from our community.   If you would like to become involved or learn more about EPOC, contact information is available on the website.

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