CISD Transformation? What Transformation?

Many citizens and parents are unaware of the changes occurring at CISD.  This post provides only a brief introduction to the CISD Transformation.  Please investigate the linked documents and video presentations to better familiarize yourself with the changes occurring in our district.

The transformation is broad with much of it occurring under the banner of enabling and readying  CISD for  “21st Century Learning”.

The objectives and vision shaping this transformation can be found in a document linked to Dr. Jeff Turner’s page on the CISD website:  Creating A New Vision  – Visioning Institute Document, May 2008

The implementation of this transformation has taken many forms, including:

  • Establishment of  New Tech High School
  • Increased use of technology
    • iPads in the classroom
    • Integration of social media and internet resources into school work
    • Utilization of many applications and digital tools
  • Pilot and Test Programs
  • Shift in teaching methodologies from traditional methods, including Direct Instruction, Structured Curriculum and Textbooks, to the progressive methods of Constructivism and Project Based Learning (PBL), Inquiry Based Learning and Workforce Readiness.  These shift was initially rolled out at at New Tech, but is now being deployed across the district.

Video segments of Dr. Jeff Turner discussing aspects of the transformation at CISD:  You Need To Know Videos

Article by CISD Board member on CGA website:  Operation Transformation at CISD by Tracy Fisher

If you are wondering what all of this change means, where is it leading us, or how is it made manifest in the schools, read the hiring brochure or review the design video for our new elementary school currently under construction.  Robert J. Lee Elementary was authorized and paid for with last years bond election and is a good indicator of the future of CISD.



External entities and organizations that share and promote this vision across Texas:




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