EPOC Letter to the Editor – Survey Introduction

Below is the Letter to the Editor published in the Citizens Advocate (4/25/14), Coppell Gazette (4/27/14), as well as online at Coppell BubbleLife

CISD Parents –  Pause and Assess the Transformation

Why did you move to Coppell? Ask that question of anyone who has arrived in our fine city during the last 25+ years and the answer you will hear most often is: “The schools!” The Coppell Independent School District has served our community well and we as citizens owe a debt of gratitude to the teachers, staff, administrators and trustees who have invested their lives in our children.

With the resignation of Dr. Jeff Turner the citizens of Coppell, under the leadership of our board of trustees, face the challenge of identifying and hiring the next CISD Superintendent who will lead our district forward. Before we begin the search, our community has a unique opportunity to assess the progress and success of the “21st Century School” vision and transformation that has been implemented with increasing intensity during recent years. An assessment will help define the objectives our community desires for our district and in turn the vision, abilities and qualifications we and the board will be seeking in a new Superintendent.

The implementation of the 21st Century Schools & Learning vision began several years ago. We recognize it in the classrooms as increased use of technology at all grade levels, including iPads as well as assignments incorporating various forms of social media, cloud-based applications and internet-based research. We also hear the terms Constructivism, Project Based Learning (PBL) and Workforce Readiness, methodologies and strategies that change the very nature of teaching, as well as the classroom activities, coursework and homework that make up our children’s education. The adoption of this new vision for CISD has been exciting and filled with much hope; however, the implementation has revealed several unintended consequences and shortcomings that have left many parents and teachers questioning the current CISD vision.

Several parents and citizens who found themselves expressing similar concerns formed The Engaged Parents of Coppell. There has been a lively discussion taking place for months on the Facebook group (Engaged Parents of Coppell) and we invite you to join. Recognizing the intensity and breadth of these changes, The Engaged Parents of Coppell would like to get feedback from the broader community and has posted an online survey and contact form at our website: http://engagedparentsofcoppell.com/ We want to hear about your experience and get your feedback concerning the transformation at CISD. The goal of this community wide discussion is to obtain the information necessary to either confirm CISD’s current path or identify and suggest points of revision to the vision. We welcome students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members to complete this survey anonymously. Our group would like to serve as a resource to our school board by providing an organized voice from the community. It is our hope that the information we provide will become an important cornerstone to the staffing plan the board adopts as they initiate the search for our new Superintendent.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Engaged Parents of Coppell

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