Dr. Jeff Turner taking new role as TAS/MUS executive director

Link to Original Article – Coppell Gazette

Dr. Jeff Turner, who recently announced that he will retire on Aug. 31 after 12 years as superintendent of the Coppell Independent School District, has been named executive director of the Texas Association of Suburban/Mid-Urban Schools (TAS/MUS), an organization of mostly suburban schools located near the major urban areas of Texas.

The organization’s mission, with its focus on the future, is centered on a commitment to providing exceptional professional development for today’s school leaders. TAS/MUS is loosely affiliated with the Texas Association of School Administrators (for which Dr. Turner served as president in 2012-13) and exists to serve the unique suburban challenges faced by its membership composed of a network of some of the state’s premier school districts.

Turner has been a member of TAS/MUS since 1996, serving on the board for three years, and was the TAS/MUS president when hired by the CISD school board  in 2002.  He will be replacing Dr. Marvin Crawford, formerly superintendent in Grand Prairie, who is retiring after 13 years as its executive director.

Turner commented, “I am excited about the opportunity to work with my colleagues and continue the fight against the overuse of high stakes, standardized tests, as well as helping other districts respond to the changing needs of today’s learners.”

Although the TAS/MUS state office is located in Austin, Dr. Turner and his wife, Libby, have no immediate plans to leave the community.  When not travelling on behalf of the organization, he will be able to work close to his grandson, Aiden.

Turner will begin his new role as executive director of TAS/MUS in October.




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