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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. We do not agree with currently implemented PBL methodology. PBL makes sense for students in college but not in Elementary and middle school levels specifically. The kids are way too young and immature to collaborate and know the fundamentals of the subject to force them to do PBL. If kids are going to learn via PBL them what are teachers for? Teachers cannot be Agile coaches – the IT project management methodology that has coaches that do similar work that teachers are playing with PBL. We need good teachers and good teachers teach , and not use PBL.
    Secondly, PBL also let’s the ‘bullies’ rule in a group- they do what they want leaving out the others. PBL is not conducive for average learners. Students might have questions or doubts that are left unclear because another ‘bully’ or fast paced learner takes over and prevents any teaching and learning from taking place. Students cannot self teach themselves using PBL. PBL is a waste of school tax payers’ dollars. Please stop it. Let teachers teach .

  2. I agree with Roli, PBL is not a good way to learn in Elementary or Middle School. I don’t think there should only be a minimum of it in High School. Our curriculum blows through information so fast, I think our kids need as much time as possible learning fundamentals and concepts. One or two PBL assignments for Senior year only is the most a kid needs.

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